Interactive Apps

Social Media for companies can become a very complex matter very fast. As a private User you can manage few accounts and social networks to your own taste, whereas companies as professional brand ambassadors have very different tasks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Blogs – these and further social media channels require regular and targeted care. Posting content, editing, managing and controlling: the more active you are in the business area in the social networks, the more work it becomes, to manage and analyse the individual channels.



The Competition-App, not only for your Facebook-Appereance

Fans and followers in the Social Web don´t only want to be informed, but also entertained. Interactive Apps like a picture voting takes care of the necessary variety that it needs, to entertain the community in the Social Network and link them to your brand. Such a Voting-App can carry out picture and video voting in an easy and innovative way and at the same time offer a certain entertainment. In this way you have the possibility, to set up the Picture-Voting App either directly on Facebook or integrate it in your website through iFrame.

Advantages of a picture-Voting App

  • visible and cheap voting possibilities
  • increase of the prominence of your brand and company on Facebook (Social Branding)
  • feedback channel for fans and clients
  • increase of fan numbers through viral distribution

Facebook TabPage

Other than Posts, Photos and Likes, you can further add individual content to your Facebook-Fanpage. The so called Fanpages are an optional extension to Facebook-Sites, with which you have the possibility to present tailor made campaigns directly on the Fanpage. In this way, you increase your prominence in the network on the one hand, and at the same time you boost the reach of your site in a viral way.

For this you have the following Tabpages, in a layout defined for your CI:

  • Legal Notice
  • Contact
  • Netiquette
  • Team
  • Inquiry
  • up to  3 “Free Tabs” (optional content like competitions, photos and videos and many more)

Advantages of the Facebook TabPages

  • innovative and modern advertising possibilities in the social web
  • increase interaction with your fans and followers
  • keep your presence through word of mouth propaganda
  • promote regional cooperation with associations, branches and local companies
  • increase interaction and communication on your companies fanpage- more fans on Facebook

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