Social Media Microsite

Do you have permanent recurring events, competitions or topics that should not be permanently anchored to your corporate website? With azobit´s Social Media Microsite´s you keep these topics comfortably on another website, link these with your corporate website and in this way you can take care of the clarity and theme related delimitations. A microsite is a special website for individual topics, campaigns and events. It includes time-or theme related communication with creative freedom and positive effects for search tool optimization.

The perfect addition for your Social Media Strategy

With the Social Media Microsites you have under others, the possibility to carry your Facebook competitions, events or special topics In this way, visitors and potential customers are guided to conversion-optimized areas.

Microsites for more conversion in Online-Marketing

Social Media Microsites provide optimal clarity to your corporate website. You can also construct and design your microsite, arrange it by topic and make your site an eye catcher. Whereas, for example, your company website has a more informative character, you can “give gas” to your microsite regarding conversion and generation of leads.

Advantages of a Social Media website

  • perfect for temporary competitions or events
  • separate content from your corporate website
  • increase conversion and generation of additional leads
  • own design / layout for time limited campaigns
  • positive influence on search machine optimization