Agency Monitoring

With a constantly growing agency landscape, the war with your competitor´s becomes constantly harder and more demanding. When it comes to choosing a fitting agency service, customers often orient themselves extensively on rating portals, in forums, blogs and also on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These and other platforms significantly influence your company’s reputation and your brand. With the Agency Monitoring you keep your agency, your products and of course your competitors always in view. You recognize how people in the web see your agency and what binds them to your agency. Profit from an Alarm System as well as numerous reporting possibilities.

Monitoring with Reports, Analysis and Alarm Systems

The daily agency work is exhausting and complete enough so there is hardly any time over for an extensive manual research of the various social networks. This is where azobit´s Agency Monitoring Tool comes into play. It supports you in a targeted way with detailed reports, extensive analysis and a clever alarm system. Like this you never lose track of your competitors and react immediately and in time, should the mood of customers or business partners deteriorate.

Is your Agency Web 2.0 yet?

Avantages of Agency-Monitorings:

  • Be aware of the mood in the Web
  • Keep competitors in view
  • Recognize chances, risks and trends
  • Reputation management
  • Numerous evaluations and export possibilities