Pharma Monitoring

Do you know, where your target audience entertains itself or if your medicine products are well received? Blogs, forums or social networks: Your clients exchange ideas about your products and services on many different channels. With Pharma Monitoring, you not only have your target audience and products always in view, but also the competition. With Pharma Monitoring you can recognize negative reports in the web in time and react to them immediately with strategic measures.

Price Monitoring for Pharma-Companies

And something else: If you want we can also set up a Price Monitoring for you. With this Meta Monitoring of your prices and those of your competitors, you will discover when the competitor tries “price dumping” to increase sales on the web. A manual evaluation of all competitor prices is over – it doesn´t only save time, but provides you with a detailed and complete overview regarding price fluctuations of the same product. You will stay up-to-date and your customers obtain a price that is adjusted to the market.

But the best is: You can use azobit´s Pharma-Monitoring-Tool from anywhere and use it at all times. The only thing you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Does your company hold up to the demands of the new situation of the web “Health 2.0”?

Avantages of Pharma Monitorings:

  • Be aware of the mood in the Web
  • Keep competitors in view
  • Recognize chances, risks and trends
  • Reputation management
  • Numerous evaluations and export possibilities