Social Media Monitoring

Do I need it?

The Internet offers quick and cheap information both through customer behavior and their attitude attitude, appearance, the offered products and services and competitor prices as well as their use of new technologies. Furthermore, through various available data sources (governmental authorities, foundations, universities and research facilities) they get global information about the situation of the market, new ideas, trends and competences. As a result, the Internet is one of the main sources of information for your company’s successful strategy planning. Do you want to do without the voice of your customers or of your competitors? Probably not. And that is why social media monitoring is recommended.

Definition of Social Media Monitoring

The systematic survey and analysis of data on the Internet is called Web Monitoring. Social Media Monitoring offers a specialization of this that as a result focuses its description on the social web channels in a targeted way.


Monitoring as competitive analysis

The monitoring supports as an instrument market research, marketing decisions through systematic purchase, preparation and analysis of (social media) activities. The abundance of the present and the constantly extended text- picture- and video contributions from different target audiences in the different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube offer unique properties.

Using Social Media Monitoring for a company can answer various internal issues surrounding the integration of different applications in one’s own business model and evaluating their own skills.
As a result, a Media Strategy optimized for your company and brand can therefore be deduced.

Monitoring supports company´s in various areas.

  • Company intern analysis (company analysis): Integration in the Marketing-Mix
  • Company external analysis: evaluation of own Social Media Competence
  • Competitor analysis: what are the competitors doing in the World Wide Web?
  • Target audience analysis: identification, observation and analysis of user generated content

With an external company analysis, how competitors use Social Media, which applications are used most by target audiences and which motives are chased can be examined. In this way, all common Social Media Channels are tested and filtered for information, posts, and customer voices that are relevant to you.

Branch specific Monitoring Tools

azobit offers already optimized Monitoring Tools for the following branches:

And for all, that are still looking for a specific monitor provider or want to share their experience with Monitor providers, we offer the Monitoring Monitor.