Customer loyality and Costumer satisfaction

When a customer is happy, it is also very probable that he will also stay your customer in the future. That is why it is important for you as a company to know why the customer chose your product and not the competitor´s product. What are you doing better than the others? What makes the customer happy and binds him to your company because of this? Is it your corporate design, your new advertising campaign or is it the lasting image of your company? Azobit helps you, from customer satisfaction to customer binding.

Customer Satisfaction in the Social Web

Your customers have a wide range of channels at their disposal nowadays, through which they can get information and share experiences about your products and services. Customer testimonials and opinions in online networks offer a good possibility to increase the satisfaction of your target audience. And so, if you know what customers want and what they are specifically searching for, you can also satisfy their needs. The social channels are an important source of information and an ideal channel to communicate with your customers and bind them more strongly to your brand. azobit´s experts will gladly help you to find an optimal strategy for your company.

The analysis of customer binding and customer satisfaction can answer, among others, the following questions:

  •     How satisfied are your customers?
  •     How loyal are your customers?
  •     How many of your customers are willing to change their choices?
  •     What is your brand´s position in the competitor environment?
  •     How your marketing strategy be targeted and successfully implemented?

To clarify these and other questions we use Conjoint Analysis, Online Surveys, PoS- Questionnaires and Social Media Analysis. We strive to give you the best possible insight.