Energy Monitoring

Do you know where in the Web your target audience communicates or how your products go down? With the Energy Monitoring you not only have your target group and products in view, but your competitors as well! You can recognize negative reports in time and react on them. You also have the possibility to quickly and easily create PDF reports.

Analysis of competitors and customer testimonials

Are customers happy with the products and the services you provide? Is the competition changing the prices again? Where does your brand stand in the social web? azobit´s Energy Monitoring Tool can answer these and further questions. With just a few clicks you will have all the key facts on your Smartphone or Notebook. You will immediately recognize if you should intervene or if everything is developing as planned.

At this point in time it´s important to quickly recognize potentials and risks and approach them in a targeted way. With a targeted monitor, you can influence all factors in the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, but also blogs and forums and positively influence the success of your Energy-Company.

When are you going to start monitoring the web with energie?

Avantages of Energy-Monitorings:

  • Be aware of the mood in the Web
  • Keep competitors in view
  • Recognize chances, risks and trends
  • Reputation management
  • Numerous evaluations and export possibilities