Social Media Analysis – Trends in the Web

Are you interested in the opinion internet users have about your company, brand or products? Our Social Media Analysis offer customer insight and answers to various questions. The Social Media Analysis throws a new light on your target group through the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of customer testimonials.

Social Media Analysis cleverly combined

No matter if it´s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or YouTube, the social channels are very different and they all have one thing in common: Every second uncountable users – blog, post or tweet their contributions. Viewing the resulting data amount manually – is impossible!

azobit´s Social Media Analysis supports you exactly where it´s needed: relevant data from the social networks are filtered out and through this- relevant trends are recognized in time. In this way you can promptly prepare the fitting strategy to reach your fans, followers and potential clients.

Social Media Analysis can answer the following questions:

  •     How is the mood in the Web?
  •     Where are you and your company talked about?
  •     What is said about your competitors?
  •     How will your marketing strategy be targeted and successfully implemented?