Kita Evaluation

What do parents like the most about their Kita? Does your Kita still have room for improvement? What moves children and parents in relation to the facility? You will be able to get answers to all these questions after a Kita Evaluation. Furthermore, azobit offers you the possibility to see the results from the current evaluations at anytime and anywhere! To do this, all you need for this is a computer or a Smartphone with internet access.

Overview of the evaluation service

A consistent and based on strict standards questionnaire makes it possible: The answers of parents are objectively and comparably evaluated. Content of the online-questionnaire is:

  • Satisfaction and pedagogical work of the educators
  • How do parents work together with their Kita?
  • Evaluation of the general conditions of the institution
  • How well are the children cared for?


I think the opinions of the parents are important for our work as teachers. In the end we also want to offer our best. Kita-Evaluation is a good way to receive feedback from the parents and to know where we stand as Kita.

Eileen B., Teacher from Bautzen

Advantages of the Kita Evaluation:

  • Questionnaires, can be given to the parents anonymously, thanks to individual access
  • Direct online Login for the evaluation of your Kita with extensive evaluation possibilities
  • The results of the Kita Evaluation can be exported as a Power Point Presentation
  • Comparison with other Kita´s from the region and/or the government
  • Information poster about the evaluation in your Kita as a tip for the parents

Note on data protection

At azobit, we naturally take care of your privacy regulations and follow data protection rules at all times. We handle all data after the Kita Evaluation results, strictly confidential and adhere 100% to the German Data Protection Act, the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research as well as to the Statement for the area of the Federal Republic of Germany to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social research.