Market Research

In very competitive markets not only established companies struggle for every percentage, new firms are also constantly pushing their way into the segment with comparable products. The result is foreseeable: with the increasing price pressure, competition becomes ever bigger. The solution is an innovative and above all in line with the market strategy plan. You can´t lose view of your customers in the process- you must keep the expectations and needs of your target group always in focus.

azobit´s Social-Media-Research

Today, potential customers move on to different channels to search for products and services and to share experiences. To clarify fundamental questions, azobit combines components and elements from social media research and classic market research in a unique way.

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Market Research as Solution for Companies

The foundation for the (newly aligned) product strategy should always be an established data base. Through a targeted market research you can ascertain the expectations of the customers. This is the first and most important step, to then draw entrepreneurial conclusions in the matter of product placement, customer binding and growth as well as introducing appropriate marketing measures. A targeted market research can help you to answer important business questions and to increase customer satisfaction.

To reach the maximum on quality and relevance for your company, the following methods belong to our market research´s core competencies:

Online Survey

Online surveys are in comparison to telephone or to the classical “Face-to-Face” survey not only more effective and cheaper because of it, but also time savers. Surveys with online questionnaires cover extensive ranges and aspects: from the background that led to the decision to buy, to finding out the brand´s prominence and what image of the company the target group holds. azobit´s online survey provides you with empirically assured statements to themes and questions with which companies are busy today.

Price Test

Not only the quality of your products is decisive for the purchase; also the price is decisive regarding the success or failure. With a price test you receive specific and important indications regarding which price customers are prepared to pay. In this case its´ effective to find and keep the optimal balance between “too cheap” and “too expensive”. With the fitting price strategy you can increase sales as well as increasing notably your customer´s satisfaction.

Social Media Analysis

How is your company or brand spoken about in the net? Which decisive key-influencers or multipliers exist? How can the personal target group be found and addressed in the web? The answer to these and many other questions can be provided by a targeted Social Media Analysis. Through a quantitative as well as qualitative evaluation of customer testimonials on the social media, you will receive important information about customer references in regard to your brand.


Reach your target audience there where they actually buy. With the Point-of-Sale-Questions (PoS for short) you start in the place where the decision for purchase is made. From there you will receive valuable information about the products and services on offer as well as the related reactions of your target group taking into account attention and consumer behaviour. The survey method at the PoS provides you with information about your customers and competitors. Ideally you would combine the PoS surveys with a targeted price test – azobit´s market research experts will also gladly advise you on this.


Media Research deals with the right choice of advertising media and their range and extent. It provides you with important information about the success of your online as well as offline campaign or examines the impact of different means of publicity. Concept tests in the print segment, effects of out-of-home media or a measurement of your film or radio spots success – azobit provides you with the insights regarding the effect of your advertising.

Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis, often known as Conjoint Measurement, answers important questions regarding marketing optimization, price strategy for products and services as well as for predicting your company´s market shares. This analysis was first developed as a multivariant method in psychology and is also implemented today, in modern market research in the area of product development and market segmentation. azobit advises you willingly and will develop with you an individual conjoint analysis according to your guidelines and desires.