Clinic Monitor

Together with Vendus Sales & Communication Group GmbH, azobit offers solutions in the time frame of World Wide Waiting Room” – for clinics, doctors and last but not least for the patients. With help of the Clinic Monitor, hospitals and clinics as well as doctors and welfare facilities keep the online evaluation from their patients as well as their competitors well in view.

Monitoring for doctors and hospitals

With the Clinic Monitoring, you can recognize and react in time to negative reports on the web. Reputation is not only important in the health related branch, but also in the digital world.
Your patients and clients are also active in evaluation portals and social networks. To keep this independently in view, all the time, at the same time as your daily work is nearly impossible. With azobit´s Monitoring Tool, you have the immediate possibility, to keep in view the moods and opinions of patients in regard to you practice, clinic or hospital- in a professional and clear way.

Is your clinic already “Health 2.0″?

Clinic monitoring with competitor analysis

Not only commercial companies stand in a hard Competition war today. But, also doctors, clinics and hospitals live from patient´s satisfaction. Similar to consumer market, the mood of the target audience in the medical sector can also change very quickly. Unsatisfied patients will not come back to your doctor´s practice, because of competition and plenty of options in the big cities.

With azobit´s Clinic Monitor you gain a valuable lead in regard to your competitors and you can use this for yourself.

Advantages of Clinic Monitoring

  • Be aware of moods in the web
  • Keep competition in view
  • Recognize chances, risks and trends
  • Reputation management
  • Numerous evaluations and export possibilities