URL Shortener

Is the link you want to share on twitter is too long? Do you want to know how many times the shared link was clicked? All this is no problem with azobit´s URL Shortener. With this web-tool you can quickly and easily shorten and individualize URL´s.

And for all users of the Social Media Office: You can only not only provide shortened links to all users of your company’s account, but also create post link and easily integrate them into your text.

How does a URL Shortener work?

The most important part of a Shortener Tool is a script and a data bank. The script shortens the web address automatically and saves the long as well as the short URL in the website´s database and links these two entries. In this way the browser “knows” what goal stands behind the shortened web address and can assign the long address as a result. The so called “shortened URL´s”, are a common resource in social networks today, and also come to use by the use of QR- codes in print campaigns.

Advantages of the URL Shortener Tools

  • Easy, quick URL shortening
  • Individual Short-URL´s
  • Statistical evaluation possibilities
  • QR Code generation and integration
  • Hosting on a German server and with German data protection guidelines

For Social Media Office clients:

  • Link gathering is at the disposal of all users of the company
  • Add links quickly and easily into your own contribution