Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is just as important for a new business idea or a new product as it is for already established companies. The foundation of a solid brand analysis is figures and facts about the competitors and the target audience. These facts and numbers are supplied through market research as well as through Social Media Research if necessary. Competitor analysis is an essential component of market analysis and constitutes the basis for a successful company.

Analysis of the competition

Who are your competitors? How can you stand out from your competitors? What Unique Selling Proposition sets your company and products apart from competitor firms? These and further questions have to be clarified and further researched to have an extensive Competitor Analysis. It is also about knowing and understanding your competitors better. With this analysis, azobit´s experts uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Through this, you can gain valuable advantages in regard to your competitors and position yourself successfully in the market.

We help you

We help you to analyse the competition. For this we use – Conjoint Analysis, Online Surveys, PoS-Questionnaires, Price Tests and Social Media Analysis, to offer you the best possible overview. Years of experience in the area of market research and brand consulting sets azobit´s analysis experts apart and makes them an important part of your company´s success. With our Competitor Analysis you increase among others your prospects of successfully wining over banks and investors regarding your company projects.

Competitor Analysis can answer among others the following questions:

  •     Where can I find important market and brand potentials?
  •     What is the position of your company in the competitor sphere?
  •     How high is the potential of customers willing to change their choices?
  •     How will your marketing strategy be implemented in a targeted way?