Monitoring Monitor

The modern market research includes wide areas of the Internet. Especially social networks like Facebook Twitter, Google+ and many others that can be pointed out. Social Media Monitoring has become a firm component of market research and will gain even more importance in the future. Whilst looking for the fitting monitoring provider, you will soon notice that there are a large number and that there are big differences regarding price and service. Not all offers and features are necessary for every project and not every price is justified. In an effort to give you an overview an overview of the numerous providers, azobit has hailed the Monitoring Monitor into life.

Social Media Monitoring for Users

We create clarity: With our Monitoring Monitor you receive a detailed overview of the different providers. In this way you can compare in a targeted way like which offer fits your company or project best and select the one that fits. It saves research time as well as cash. If you have already used a Monitoring Tool in the past (or still use it), then you also have the possibility to evaluate it completely anonymously.

Social Media Monitoring for Providers

Do you want to present your monitoring tool service to your new customers?
In that case, azobit is the perfect point of contact, with us you have the possibility to register for free and without any hassle. With the optional short survey, we offer you the opportunity to catch up with customer feedback and Receive valuable information for your tool. All this happens anonymously and completely free with minimal effort.

Advantage of Monitoring-Monitors:

  • Global overview of all Social Monitoring Tools, services and providers
  • Provider search tailor made for you
  • Detailed information about all tools and providers
  • Extensive filter function
  • The complete service is for free